How to use Snus

Geplaatst op 16-12-2021

Categorie: Lifestyle

You can think of snus as a kind of powdered tobacco. The popularity of this product has come from Sweden. Nowadays, a lot of different variants have come on the market. For example, you also have the incredibly popular nicotine pouches. This is, as it were, tobacco-free snus, which is used in exactly the same way as traditional snus. Many people have heard of both products, but are not sure how to use snus. Hence, we are taking this step by step through the use of snus and nicotine pouches walk away.


1. Order the snus or nicotine pouches

2. Put the snus or nicotine pouch between your upper lip and the gum

It basically doesn’t matter where you put the snus or pouch in this area. The effect will be the same on both the side and top of your mouth. Some tips that experienced snus and pouch users often give are:

3: Do not spit out saliva

Many people assume that you should spit out your saliva when using snus or nicotine pouches. However, this is not true. You can just swallow the saliva, so you don’t have to worry about what’s going down your throat. It is purely a matter of putting the snus or pouch between your lip and in principle you do not have to actively do anything.

The experience of snus and nicotine users pouches is that you discover a certain favorite format over time. Today the nicotine pouches for example increasingly in slim size, which provides ultimate comfort under your lip. The fit is then optimally adapted to the space between your upper lip and gums.